More tuition hikes as a result of the McNeil government’s decision to lift the cap

September 29, 2015

The McNeil government’s decision to lift the tuition cap is making life more expensive for students says NDP Advanced Education Critic Dave Wilson.

He made the comments after the Chronicle Herald reported the University of King’s College is considering hiking tuition for the Foundation Year Program by $1,000. Other universities must submit their plans to increase tuition to Minister Regan by mid-October.

“This year, Nova Scotia students are seeing their tuition increase at the highest rate in the country, and from the news we’re seeing out of King’s College, that trend is likely to get worse,” said Wilson. “Instead of asking universities to tackle executive costs, Minister Kelly Regan is putting the burden on the backs of students. This is unfair.”

Wilson adds that it’s becoming harder and harder for young people to stay in Nova Scotia.

“First the Liberals imposed a huge tax increase on grads when they cut the Graduate Retention Rebate and now they are imposing massive tuition increases on students. This Liberal government is out of touch with the challenges young people face,” says Wilson.