Liberals hit new low in Campaign conduct

September 10, 2013

 (Halifax, N.S.) Stephen McNeil’s campaign team is defending its actions of sharing photos of Premier Darrell Dexter that liken him to a blood covered TV serial killer. This happened at the same time McNeil was on live TV telling Nova Scotians they can trust him as a man of integrity, and while McNeil complained that the Conservative leader called him a chicken.


“Mr. McNeil should apologize for the actions of his campaign team in distributing the photo and he should apologize for his director of communications who said the image was ‘appropriate’,’” said NDP candidate and Minister Maureen MacDonald.


The photo depicts Premier Dexter with blood spatters on his face and was re-tweeted by McNeil’s senior campaign team.


“Mr. McNeil’s campaign is resorting to childish barbs. This is exactly the thing Mr. McNeil told Nova Scotians in the debate this evening that he wouldn’t do,” said MacDonald.


“For his communications director to call it appropriate reflects how Mr. McNeil’s team is actually conducting this campaign. Nova Scotians deserve better.”


MacDonald said the shameful image follows the recent release of inaccurate and misleading attack ads by the Liberal campaign.


“The Liberals are also airing a series of misleading TV ads while saying he would run an honest campaign.”