Liberals mislead on NDP job creation

September 24, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) Premier Darrell Dexter says Stephen McNeil’s attack ads on the NDP have misled Nova Scotians on the issue of job creation and are beneath someone running to be Premier.

“Stephen McNeil is trying to mislead Nova Scotians about our record,” said Dexter. “The Liberals knowingly use wrong information in their ads. That is not acceptable for someone running to be Premier of this province.”


The Liberals and McNeil intentionally manipulated the numbers and claims in their ad to distort the NDP record on creating jobs:

– the Liberals claim that the NDP gave money to Bowater and Imperial. Imperial received no provincial funding and Bowater received less than $1 million for training to benefit its workers – not the $50 million that appears in the Liberal ad.

– the Liberals claim that Port Hawkesbury Paper is “on the brink” – a statement that is not only misleading, it is also an insult to the thousands of families that depend on Nova Scotia’s forestry industry. Port Hawkesbury Paper is now running a profit, and helping employ over 1,000 people.

– the Liberals claim the NDP has given $300 million to the Irving Shipyard. In fact, the company has borrowed only a fraction of that money and only receives money when it creates jobs. No jobs. No money.

– the Liberals claim that the NDP has given $60 million to Daewoo. To date the company has only drawn $46.9 million, $20 million of which was for an ongoing ownership stake in the company.

– the Liberals claim the NDP has just given a total $590 million. In reality, the NDP has invested $191 million, $110 million of which is repayable.

“Statements made by Mr. McNeil show he’s unwilling to fight for good jobs for Nova Scotians. He is also not being forthright,” said Dexter.

“Throughout our term, the NDP has focused on fighting for good jobs for Nova Scotia families. We’ve made it our priority to build a province where Nova Scotians can stay, have a good job, and raise a family.”

“Independent fact checks of Liberal ads on power rates and education have found them both misleading. What does it say about Stephen McNeil that he would knowingly and repeatedly try to mislead Nova Scotians on important issues?”

The NDP will: deliver better health care where and when people need it, fight for good jobs and stronger communities, keep the HST off home energy and take it off more family essentials, give our kids a better start, stand up for seniors, build the Maritime Link and keep the budget balanced to protect services for families.


Remarks for NDP Leader Darrell Dexter Shipyard jobs Announcement
Behind me is the Halifax Shipyard, the best shipbuilding yard in the world.
It’s where Nova Scotia shipbuilders are getting ready to build Canada’s next fleet of naval ships.
Some people say Nova Scotia should have steered clear of bidding for their contract.
I believe, as Premier, it’s my job to go out and secure good jobs for young people, here.
The NDP supports jobs here, not jobs there.
The NDP made the investment to make sure as many as 11,500 jobs will be here.
British Columbia put money on the table to support their bid.
Quebec put money on the table to support their bid.
Stephen McNeil says Nova Scotia should have referred the shipyard to the banks and let them try to win the bid on their own.
That’s a major difference for voters to consider.
The NDP will fight to bring jobs here.
Stephen McNeil is ready to live with jobs there.
With the NDP Nova Scotians know they have a Premier who will fight for jobs — jobs in small business, jobs in every part of Nova Scotia.
“Jobs here” are important to grow the economy… to make sure we can care for seniors and keep families here.
And to make his case, right now Stephen McNeil is running ads that are simply not true.
His ads say money was given away to Irving.
Mr. McNeil knows that Irving doesn’t get any money unless the company produces jobs.
It’s simple: no jobs, no money.
His ad says Bowater was given $50 million.
That’s untrue.
Bowater did not get $50 million.
Bowater workers got less than a million worth of training. Period.
Mr. McNeil must know his ads are false.
But they are the only way he can try to justify a “do nothing” policy.
I want more young people to have the same opportunities I did, to come home and make a good life here.
Jobs here with the NDP versus jobs there with the Liberals.
I urge people to vote for the NDP to keep building a better future for today’s families.
Thank you.