Liberals misled public on costs of class caps

April 28, 2017

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill says Stephen McNeil must explain why he claimed class caps would cost $41 million, when the Council on Classroom Improvements announced today that class caps will cost only $5.9 million.

“This isn’t the first time where the Premier’s math doesn’t add up. We’ve seen it with nursing home cuts, and now with the costs of class caps. Stephen McNeil needs to explain to teachers, parents, and students why he misled the public about the costs associated with this very important policy,” said Burrill.

In February, NDP Education Critic Lenore Zann introduced a bill to cap class sizes for all grades. The Nova Scotia Teachers Union also called for class caps to be implemented in their collective agreement with the province. The Liberal government refused to implement class caps, telling media the request would cost $41 million to implement.

“We heard from teachers, students, and parents how desperately class caps are needed in all grades. Instead of making these needed investments, the McNeil Liberals tried to discredit parents and teachers with false numbers and alternative facts,” said Zann. “The NDP is committed to listening to students, parents, and teachers about the state of our classrooms and making substantial investments in our children’s education.”

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