Liberals paying more, paving less says Peterson-Rafuse

January 18, 2016

NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse is concerned road conditions along the South Shore will deteriorate because of the McNeil government’s decision to eliminate the provincial chip sealing crew and sell off its mobile asphalt plant.

She made the comments after CBC reported that the cost of double chip seal in Nova Scotia has increased by 20% since the Liberal government cancelled the program in 2013.

“The Liberals have significantly reduced the paving budget in the past two years and to make matters worse they are paying more because of a short sighted decision to eliminate the provincial chip seal crew,” says Peterson-Rafuse. “I know of many rural roads in my constituency that are badly in need of repair, and it’s unfortunate that people will have to wait longer for the work to get done because Stephen McNeil cancelled a program without first analyzing the potential impact.”

She added, “Ultimately the private paving companies are receiving more money for less work. How does that help motorists in rural Nova Scotia?”