Liberals playing politics with hospital investments

April 11, 2017

For immediate release.

BRIDGEWATER ­– NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson is asking why the McNeil Liberals are only now making necessary investments in the province’s hospitals considering the Liberals have underspent the hospital infrastructure budget by $73.4 million.

“For three years, Stephen McNeil has refused to invest the money needed in our hospitals. Now, we’re on the eve of an election and the Premier is announcing money that could have been spent last year or the year before,” said Wilson. “While it’s good to see the government finally making some investments, the question remains about why they didn’t make these investments in 2016 or 2015.”

In the three budgets introduced by Stephen McNeil, there has been $146 million budgeted for hospital infrastructure. Less than half that amount – $72.6 million – has actually been spent. A June 2016 report from the Auditor General found that at least $85 million is needed just to meet urgent hospital infrastructure needs

“People should not have to wait for the season of pre-election announcements to get better health care,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “What our communities need is a commitment to make the needed investments in our hospitals and clinics, not pre-election funding games.”

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