Liberals provided false numbers, cuts to nursing homes far worse

August 22, 2016

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX  Last week the NDP Caucus released a detailed breakdown by facility of the Liberals’ cuts to nursing homes and residential care facilities. The breakdown was obtained through a Freedom of Information request.  Since then, it has become clear through conversations with various nursing homes around the province that the numbers are inaccurate, and the cuts are much worse.  In some cases the cuts are almost double.

For example, the document from the government shows the Maritime Oddfellows Home in Pictou was cut by $26,645.  According to the facility’s administration, the actual cut was approximately $46,000.

The government’s figures show that St. Vincent’s Nursing Home in Halifax was cut by $65,607; the actual cut was closer to $128,000.

“Stephen McNeil’s government has provided information here that does not reflect the truth,” says Gary Burrill, Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP. “We asked for very clear numbers explaining the actual scope of the actual cuts for each actual nursing home.  What we received were numbers that downplayed the real effect of the nursing home cuts, in a way that masks the seriousness of the real situation.”

In this spring’s budget, the Liberals introduced a one per cent to nursing home budgets. The individual facility numbers the Liberal government has provided indicate cuts of less than one per cent because the government has factored in anticipated savings from a new bulk-purchasing program for care facilities.  However, the bulk-purchasing program has failed to realize the cost savings that were promised by the Liberal government.

The impacts of these cuts on seniors and other residents of these facilities are just starting to become clear.  Nursing homes are laying off staff, and exploring cost-cutting measures in food services and other areas.

“These cuts are leading to a lower quality of life for our seniors.  You can’t cut more than $6 million over two years from nursing homes and expect it not to have an impact on residents,” says Burrill.  “The Premier and the Minister of Health have a lot to explain to the nursing home residents of Nova Scotia, and they can start by using honest numbers.”


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