Liberals provided misleading information to legislature on clear-cutting targets

August 26, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX –  The Nova Scotia NDP is concerned the Liberal government has misled the House on clear-cutting targets.

In 2011, the NDP government introduced a plan to reduce clear-cutting to 50 per cent of the harvest over 5 years and to transition our forestry industries to a more sustainable future.

In May 2015, then Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill said in the Legislature that the Liberals were on track to meet the 50 per cent target by 2016.  However, the current Natural Resources Minister, Lloyd Hines, has recently admitted that the Liberal government is backing away from that goal.

“Ministers Churchill and Hines have each presented Nova Scotians with a very different outlook on the Liberal government’s commitment to achieving clear-cutting targets,” said Natural Resources critic Sterling Belliveau. “I think these Ministers have some explaining to do.”

Minister Churchill also stated in May 2015 that clear-cutting had been reduced to 64 per cent of the harvest.  However, a letter from the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources to Belliveau in February of this year, shows that in 2014, clear-cutting represented 71 per cent of forestry on crown land and 83 per cent on private land.

“On everything from finance to health care to our environment, Stephen McNeil and his government have repeatedly provided misleading information to the public,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “Yet again, Stephen McNeil and his government have shown that they cannot be trusted.”


For more information, contact Kaley Kennedy at 902-229-6881.