Liberals would put children’s dental health at risk

August 16, 2013

NDP MLA Mat Whynott says Stephen McNeil and the Liberals are misleading families on where they stand on issues like children’s dental care.

“The Liberals are against expanded dental care to kids,” said Whynott. “The Liberals hurt kids by cutting it. And the Liberals voted against expanding dental care.”

Stephen McNeil and Liberals like Michel Samson are now promoting this NDP expansion on their personal websites and social media pages. (See attached)

“If Michel Samson was in favour of this program why did he run proudly as a candidate for a party that had just cut dental coverage for kids, and then vote against the NDP plan to expand it?” said Whynott.

The NDP has committed to extend the dental care program to ensure all Nova Scotians up to age 17 get the basic dental care they need.

“It’s dishonest to those hard working families with kids who can’t afford dental care. The fact is the Liberals cut it, voted against it, and if given the chance they would cut it again,” says Whynott.

“Families can’t trust Stephen McNeil with their children’s dental health, it’s a risk not worth taking.”

Samson children's health graphic