Liberals willing to balance budget at any cost

December 15, 2016

For immediate release
HALIFAX – While funding for seniors’ care is being cut, food bank use is up 20%, and our classrooms need investment, the December budget update shows the Liberal government is intent on balancing the budget at all costs. 
“Despite the enormous need for social investment, the Liberals continue to have only one idea: balance the provincial budget at all costs,” said Gary Burrill, Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP. “The results of this failed approach can be seen in the crises in our classrooms and in seniors’ care.” 
The Liberals’ approach has been to cut back on the services Nova Scotians depend on with cuts to seniors’ care, community organizations and the arts. 
“Nova Scotia should take advantage of historic low interest rates to begin investing adequately in our people’s health, education and opportunities,” said Burrill. “The McNeil Liberals have a great deal to answer for.” 
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