Listening to Teachers

October 25, 2016


Tonight, we stand in solidarity with teachers across Nova Scotia. In video, in debate in the House of Assembly, and in every other form of education discourse that they’ve entered in the province, the McNeil government continues to betray their profound misunderstanding of what is being said by teachers: that they cannot give themselves to their students as is their vocation and their calling, with one hand ¬†tied by the intensified composition of the classroom, and the other with endless administrative mumbo-jumbo.

Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey talk continually about their “listening to teachers.” Listening to teachers has a name: the bargaining table, which they should return to. And listening to teachers has an opposite: Bill 148, with its mandatory non-negotiable two-year wage freeze, thereby poisoning teachers’ negotiations from the outset with a mega-dose of mega-disrespect.

There has never been a more qualified body of teachers in Nova Scotia, nor have the circumstances of the profession ever been more demanding. We trust teachers. We believe teachers when they talk about what is increasingly impossible in their classrooms. And we support teachers as they assert with integrity and force that “listening to teachers” can no longer be a matter just of words.

In solidarity and hope,