Liberal long-term care policy lacks compassion

February 17, 2015

(Sackville, NS) NDP MLA Dave Wilson says the long-term care policy changes announced today by Health Minister Leo Glavine lack compassion and do not address the underlying issues affecting the system.

The Liberal government is removing the deferral policy that allows seniors to decline a long-term care bed but remain on the waiting list. With the changes, seniors will only be given one business day to accept a vacancy. If they decline they will be taken off the waiting list for three months.

“It’s unfair to give seniors a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum about accepting a long-term care bed and then only give them a few hours to make a decision,” says Wilson. “This is a choice that impacts the rest of a person’s life, nobody should be pressured into entering long-term care.”

Wilson says if the Liberals want to improve long-term care in this province, they need to invest in more beds.

“In 2013 the former government announced the creation of 350 new long-term care beds and the replacement of 750 aging beds and it’s disappointing that Premier McNeil has decided to throw that plan away. Apparently senior care is not a core priority of his Liberal government,” said Wilson.