MacKinnon: Tories have lost their way when it comes to protecting jobs

September 8, 2013

(Westville, N.S.) NDP MLA Clarrie MacKinnon was surprised at comments from Jamie Baillie today that he and the Conservatives will turn their backs on communities when they need help most.

“The Conservatives are clearly not committed to strengthening rural economies,” MacKinnon said.

MacKinnon pointed to a quote from former Premier John Hamm regarding the investment made in Northern Pulp to strengthen hundreds of forestry jobs.

On August 28, 2013 Hamm said: “Industries such as this are not all that common in rural Nova Scotia. They are worth preserving.”

MacKinnon says apparently Jamie Baillie (John Hamm’s former chief of staff) doesn’t agree. He added the Conservatives would have jeopardized the future of Northern Pulp.

MacKinnon also said in today’s competitive global economy it’s important governments protect and create good jobs so families can stay in Nova Scotia to live and raise a family.

“Under the NDP, Nova Scotia competed for and won more investment in jobs per capita than any other province or state. Next year our GDP growth is projected to be the third  best in Canada after decades of being at the bottom of the country under the old parties. That doesn’t happen by accident, it happens because the NDP made smart investments that are growing our economy.”

MacKinnon says while the Conservatives don’t have a great track record for economic growth, but at least in the past they were willing to invest in Nova Scotia businesses. He says it’s disappointing the Conservatives have lost their way.

“The Conservatives made some mistakes, but when they made good investments in companies like Michelin we gave them the credit they deserved. Now it appears Jamie Baillie is willing to turn his back on our future economic prosperity for political purposes.”