Liberals taking away the voice of rural communities in health care

June 6, 2014

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says the Liberals are acting recklessly by eliminating community volunteers and replacing them with a centrally located health administrator in Halifax. He says the government should have waited until it introduced the appropriate legislation prior to making drastic changes to the health care system.

“With no plan and no budget, Leo Glavine has just placed the administration of our entire health care system under the control of a single person in Halifax,” said Wilson. “This will do nothing to improve health care in our province and will only create confusion. The members of the health boards have worked very hard and they deserve our thanks.”

Wilson says the most confusing element of today’s Liberal announcement is that it will not save the province any money.

“I’m really not sure why the Liberals chose this particular Friday afternoon to announce that the services of health boards would no longer be required,” said Wilson. “The members of these boards are volunteers. This won’t save the province any money, it will just take away the voice of rural communities in the administration of health care.”

He added, “They’ve just put in place another administrator the province will have to pay for at the expense of front line care.”

Wilson said the Liberals recently provided a time frame for DHA amalgamation and already they have broken it.

“Just two days ago the Minister released a report that said he wanted to work with health boards to implement his amalgamation plan, then he turns around with no notice and eliminates them,” said Wilson. “I have to ask why the Liberals are in such a big hurry to announce that George MacLellan is taking on this role today? Why didn’t they wait until they had a plan in place to properly replace the boards?”