McNeil to blame for Manning MacDonald’s unceremonious resignation

May 29, 2013

Deputy Premier Frank Corbett is thanking Liberal MLA Manning MacDonald today for his years of public service to Nova Scotians in both his role as an MLA for Cape Breton South and a long serving Mayor of Sydney.

“MacDonald tried to do the right thing when he offered to step down in order to avoid this controversy. Instead of allowing MacDonald to resign McNeil told him to stay forcing MacDonald to be in this position,” said Corbett.

Corbett says Liberal leader Stephen McNeil should apologize to MacDonald for leading him astray.

In 2012, McNeil also permitted MacDonald to take a month-long vacation during the legislative sitting. MacDonald showed up for his first day of work on May 3rd of the spring sitting which began March 29th.

“If Mr. McNeil didn’t think an MLA who doesn’t show up for work and still expects to be paid would be a problem for Nova Scotians, what does that say about his judgement?” said Corbett.

“It’s clear in this case McNeil either exercised very poor judgement or he is willing to look the other way instead of playing by the rules and doing the right thing as taxpayers trust him to do.”

When first questioned about the issue, McNeil said he didn’t have a problem with MacDonald’s month-long paid vacation and even defended the MLAs behaviour to reporters. Finally, on May 7, McNeil agreed that the paid vacations during legislature sessions were “unreasonable”.

Corbett says he wishes MacDonald the best in his retirement and hopes McNeil will use better judgement when it comes to leading his Caucus members in the future.