McNeil and Hines refuse to provide answers to the people of Guysborough

October 7, 2013

(Guysborough, N.S.) NDP candidate Jim Boudreau says Nova Scotians got a first hand look at what a return to the Liberals would mean when Stephen McNeil brushed aside any questions related to his candidate, Lloyd Hines, land deal in Guysborough.

“Stephen McNeil has been unable to provide straight answers to direct questions all campaign and Saturday was more of the same. When told that shareholders and community members have questions about the land deal McNeil brushed them aside saying Hines is entitled to do what he wants and didn’t understand why people would need answers now,” said Boudreau.

“People will remember this kind of Liberal entitlement from the 1990s and is a sign that answering community concerns is not as important as gaining power.”

In a campaign positioned on trust Liberal candidate Lloyd Hines refused to answer specific questions about the details of the land deal. Rather than standing up for the community McNeil stood by Hines and his refusal to give a straight answer.

“This kind of dismissive behavior is how previous Liberal governments acted and if given the chance it looks like that style would continue. McNeil and the Liberals should have the answers people want, if they did a thorough candidate evaluation,” said Boudreau.

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