Stephen McNeil government breaks Seniors’ Pharmacare promise

January 26, 2016

Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government has broken its promise to not raise Seniors’ Pharmacare premiums.

On March 27, 2015 Liberal Health Minister Leo Glavine stated in the House of Assembly:  “What I can tell the member opposite, and all Nova Scotians, while I’m Minister of Health and Wellness there won’t be an increase in premiums in Seniors’ Pharmacare.”

Earlier this month, Glavine announced changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare program that will result in higher premiums for approximately 40,000 seniors. This includes some seniors currently receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement. 

“In the canon of Liberal broken promises, this ranks right up there with Stephen McNeil’s commitment to extend the Film Tax Credit,” says MacDonald. “Instead of keeping his promise, Leo Glavine has imposed a huge tax grab on middle-income seniors and as a result they will have to pay more for their prescription drugs.”

She adds “Nova Scotians are getting fed up with being misled by this Liberal government.”