McNeil must explain federal health transfer betrayal

April 19, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill is calling on Stephen McNeil to explain his sell-out deal on federal health transfers.  Recently-revealed federal budget legislation demonstrates for the first time the extent of the bad deal Stephen McNeil signed with the federal government, which effectively implements cuts to health care.

“Stephen McNeil told the people of our province that he had negotiated a deal that would increase federal funding for health care.  In reality, the deal he signed will see the federal contribution drop from 20 per cent of funding to 18 per cent of funding,” said Burrill.  “If you are on a wait list for surgery, for home care, or to access mental health services, the Health Accord Stephen McNeil has just signed onto has betrayed you.”

Some of the federal money is earmarked for home care and mental health.  Nova Scotia will receive about $5.23 million in federal funding for home care this year and $2.62 million for mental health.

“These new federal dollars will barely scratch the tip of the surface of what is needed,” said Burrill. “This is a bad deal. It won’t improve our people’s health and wellness, and its negative effects will impact us for a decade. If there is an explanation of how this deal is anything but a betrayal, Stephen McNeil ought to provide it.”

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