McNeil Liberals “not as advertised” on health care plan

June 27, 2014

Health Minister Leo Glavine has admitted the Liberals are unable to deliver on their campaign promise for immediate savings from amalgamating health boards.

The estimates in the Liberal 2013 election platform stated that merging boards from 10 to 2 would cost nothing in year 1, 2 or year 3. In fact, they promised it would save $13 million annually, beginning in the first year.

Glavine has now admitted this promise was “oversimplified”.

“This is just another example of how the Liberals are not as they advertised during the campaign,” says NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson. “The evidence has been there all along, creating a super-board does not save money. In fact, a merger will costs millions and shift the focus of the system away from front-line care.”

Wilson says Nova Scotians should be worried that over the next 10 years the Liberals will waste time and millions of dollars restructuring health authorities – work and money that would be better spent improving front-line care, like creating more Collaborative Emergency Centres – an NDP innovation that drastically cut ER closures.

“Despite his own department’s information about costs, Glavine is stubbornly going ahead with this plan for amalgamation anyway,” said Wilson. “He already started by dismissing all of the volunteers on district health authority boards and taking away the voices of communities in the delivery of health care.”

During the campaign, the Conservatives also promised to create a super-board, but now even Jamie Baillie is admitting that perhaps it isn’t such a good idea.