McNeil government needs to come clean on secret cuts

August 17, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says it’s time the McNeil government comes clean about its budget cuts. She made the comments on the heels of news that the Liberals secretly cut $220,000 in funding for the psychology residency program with no public announcement.

“Our mental health care system needs more resources not shortsighted cuts,” says MacDonald. “What’s worse is that the McNeil government made this cut in secret, without any announcement, consultation or public analysis of what the impact of this decision will be.”

She adds, “The Premier is the chair of the provincial program review committee. All government cuts go through him and he needs to be accountable for them. For the Liberals to send out a government spokesperson to say the province can’t afford psychology residents is disingenuous. In a $10 billion budget a cut of $220,000 isn’t about money, it’s about priorities. It’s clear improving our mental healthcare system is not a priority for Stephen McNeil.”

MacDonald says Nova Scotia has experienced the second smallest increase in debt to GDP ratio in Canada since 2009-10, according to RBC. As such the Liberal argument for making petty health care cuts doesn’t hold a lot of weight.