McNeil signs “weasely” side deal with Feds to implement Harper’s health care cuts 

December 23, 2016

HALIFAX – The deal Stephen McNeil signed with the federal government on health care funding is a bad deal and not the best Nova Scotia could have negotiated, according to the NDP Caucus.

“Stephen McNeil has totally undermined provincial unity and has signed a weasely side deal that will implement Stephen Harper’s cuts to public health care,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “This is a bad deal for Nova Scotia.”

The agreement will allow federal funding for health care to continue to decrease as a percentage of the overall costs. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government reduced the federal funding escalator from 6% a year to 3% a year. The deal McNeil has agreed to essentially retains that 3% escalator. This will cost Nova Scotia hundreds of millions in lost federal funding.

“Nova Scotia would have got a better deal if we had remained united with the other provinces,” said Burrill. “McNeil signed a bad deal and the health care services people in our province rely on will suffer as a result.”

The new funding will also do nothing to address the crisis in long-term care that was created when the Liberals cut $8 million from nursing homes across the province. Additionally, the side deal abandons the hope of achieving a deal that assists provinces with aging populations.

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