McNeil’s Liberals misleading Nova Scotians about Liberal energy scheme

September 15, 2013

(Hammonds Plains, N.S.) NDP candidate Mat Whynott says recent comments by Liberal candidate Andrew Younger are designed to deliberately mislead Nova Scotians about the Liberals’ energy schemes.

“We’ve heard the Liberals over and over again talk about their desire to import electricity from Hydro-Quebec and it’s written right in to their energy policy,” said Whynott. “Now Stephen McNeil’s Liberals are deliberately trying to mislead Nova Scotians about those plans.”

Liberal energy policy reads: “Provide cheaper, cleaner energy by importing power from Hydro Quebec.” Also, on January 17, McNeil told CBC Mainstreet, “We’ve had people from my office speaking to Quebec,”.

In addition, Whynott says McNeil and the Liberals have spoken in the Legislature on numerous occasions and have issued press releases stating, “cheap, clean energy from Quebec should be imported” for years now.

In the UARB decision on the Maritime Link released in July the board concluded, “The lack of any reasonable prospect of a long-term contractual arrangement with Hydro-Quebec proves fatal to this option,”.

Whynott says it’s clear the Liberal scheme to have Nova Scotians depend on a giant monopoly like Hydro Quebec doesn’t make sense.

“Hydro-Quebec is the fourth largest utility in the world. The last thing Nova Scotians need is to be tied to another energy monopoly,” said Whynott.

“Only the NDP have a plan to secure the lowest, fairest rates for Nova Scotians. That plan includes energy that is local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient. McNeil and the Liberals would put the plan in jeopardy.”