McNeil’s record on jobs for young people the worst in Canada 

March 20, 2017

HALIFAX – Over the last two years, Nova Scotia has lost more jobs for young people than any other province. According to Statistics Canada data, youth employment is down 10 per cent in Nova Scotia since February 2015.

“We all know a young person who has had to leave home to find work,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “These numbers don’t lie. Stephen McNeil has clearly made things worse for young people who are looking to find a good job here in Nova Scotia.”

The McNeil Liberals have also made it more difficult for young people to get the education they need. Tuition fees in Nova Scotia are increasing at a higher rate than any other province and the McNeil government has cut more than $40 million in financial assistance for new graduates.

“With the highest tuition increases in Canada, the elimination of the graduate retention rebate, and low wages for people entering the work force, we have yet another generation of young people that is forced to leave Nova Scotia,” said Burrill. “We don’t have to force our young people to leave their families to find opportunities elsewhere. We can make the investments that will ensure that our young people can afford a good education and build their future here at home.”

Youth Employment Ages 15-24 by Province (000s) – Seasonally adjusted

Province Feb-15 Feb-17


% change 
Nova Scotia 63.4 57.2 (-10%)
Newfoundland 29.9 27.3 (-9%)
Saskatchewan 85.7 78.6 (-8.3%)
Alberta 319.1 297 (-7%)
Manitoba 98.7 94.6 (-4%)
New Brunswick 45.8 44.4 (-3%)
Quebec 568.5 553.2 (-2.7%)
Ontario 955.2 932 (-2.4%)
Prince Edward Island 10.5 10.6 0.00%
British Columbia 312.6 343.1 10.00%


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