NDP call for the removal of Premier’s Chief of Staff

November 20, 2015

The NDP is calling for the removal of the Premier’s Chief of Staff, Kirby McVicar.

An audio recording released on November 19th revealed McVicar, offered to provide the spouse of Andrew Younger with a job, to help the MLA “bridge” his income following his removal from Cabinet.

“I know you’re taking a financial hit, I know that’s painful and if there’s anything that we can do for your wife on that side then, if there’s anything — then let us know,” McVicar told Younger. “Is there a personal-service contract that we can do. Is there something we can do to help?” 

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says the recording reveals a problem in the Premier’s office at the highest level. 

“Despite what can clearly be heard on that tape, the Premier continues to defend his Chief of Staff and says he’s doing a fine job,” says MacDonald.

“The Premier needs to remove Mr. McVicar from his role as Chief of Staff immediately. This is not only a matter now under investigation by the RCMP but it goes to the heart of questionable behaviour in the operation of the Premier’s Office at the very highest level.”