Minister of Justice refuses to review cases decided by faulty drug tests

May 6, 2016

For Immediate Release

May 6, 2016

Halifax, NS – Today in Question Period the Minister of Justice, for the second time, has refused to review cases where faulty hair strand drug testing was used in child welfare cases.  Ontario is currently in the process of reviewing thousands of child welfare cases that were impacted by hair strand drug testing after reports from the Toronto Star showed the tests to be unreliable.  Nova Scotia used the same laboratory and same tests for cases in this province.

NDP Justice Critic, Marian Mancini, is highly disappointed in the Minister’s refusal to act on this injustice.

“This is a violation of due process.  The government now knows that hair strand drug testing is unreliable.  The Minister should immediately begin a review of all cases where hair strand drug testing was used as evidence in child welfare proceedings.”

“The Minister says she is unable to conduct this review, despite Ontario’s efforts on this issue. In the interests of justice the Minister of Justice must act.”

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