NDP bill broadens whistleblower protections

November 9, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – An NDP bill to expand protection for people who speak out about wrongdoing in their workplace has gained the support of the Liberal government. Bill 60 will be called for Committee of the Whole today and for Third Reading tomorrow.

“We need to ensure that if nurses, teachers, and other people who work in the public sector witness wrongdoings in their workplaces, they can speak out without worrying about losing their jobs or being penalized,” said NDP MLA David Wilson, who introduced the bill. “Expanding whistleblower protection to these employees is a step to making all public institutions more accountable to the public.”

In 2010, the NDP government introduced the Public Interest Disclosure of Wrongdoing Act to ensure government employees could speak out if they witnessed wrongdoing in their workplace. Bill 60 expands these protections to employees of government agencies, boards, and commissions, including teachers and nurses. Wrongdoing can include breaking the law, the misuse or gross mismanagement of public resources, or actions or omissions that put the life, health, or safety of people or the environment at risk.

Following the passage of Bill 60, the NDP plans to consult with municipal officials about introducing additional legislation to expand whistleblower protection to people working for municipalities.

“In this legislation, we have a good model to ensure that all employees who work for a public body can be free to sound the alarm about harmful actions in their workplaces,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “I am looking forward to hearing from municipal workers and the public about how to expand whistleblower protections to cover our municipal governments.”


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