NDP bill requires environmental assessments consider climate change

November 1, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – The NDP Caucus will introduce legislation today to strengthen the environmental assessment process. The legislation would require that climate change be considered in all environmental assessments and that environmental assessments be conducted at a greater distance from industry.

“Our province’s natural environment requires an absolute gold-standard level of protection. People must have confidence that the environmental assessment process is entirely independent, trustworthy, and adapting to the growing need to consider climate change in all our actions,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

The bill also proposes several other changes to the process including:

  • Widening the scope of projects which require full environmental review panels;
  • Empowering government to create participant funding programs that encourage citizens’ full participation in environmental review panels; and
  • Requiring that companies retain insurance or other resources to address environmental impacts of their actions.

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