NDP call on Liberal government to ban the sale of blood plasma

March 11, 2016

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March 11, 2016


NDP call on Liberal government to ban the sale of blood plasma

(Halifax, NS) NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson is calling on Health Minister Leo Glavine to ban pay-for-plasma clinics and protect Nova Scotia’s voluntary blood and plasma donation system. This comes after Canadian Plasma Resources, a privately-owned corporation, confirmed they had met with provincial government officials about opening pay-for-plasma clinics in Nova Scotia.

Last month Canadian Plasma Resources opened Canada’s first private blood clinic in Saskatchewan that pays donors for their blood plasma. The company’s CEO has confirmed the Liberal government is supportive of these for-profit clinics opening in Nova Scotia.

“Blood should be considered a public resource, not a private one for exploitation and profit” Wilson said. “Other provinces, like Ontario and Quebec, have taken steps to prevent these clinics from opening and Minister Glavine should do the same in Nova Scotia.”

In October 2014, the Nova Scotia NDP introduced a bill to protect the voluntary system and prohibit the sale of blood and plasma in Nova Scotia, but the Liberal government did not pass it.




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