NDP calls on the government to implement gender-neutral identification

July 22, 2016

HALIFAX –Leader Gary Burrill says the Liberal government should implement gender-neutral provincial identification as a measure to improve gender inclusivity in the province.

“Information about a person’s gender identity is unnecessary for the purposes of certifying that they can drive a car, are eligible for health insurance, or to prove their age,” said Burrill. “Removing this information is a small measure on the part of government that can help guard people of diverse gender identities from harassment and discrimination.”

In addition to a person’s photograph, Nova Scotia driver’s licenses also include data such as eye colour and height to confirm a person’s identity.

Last month, Ontario stopped including sex designation on provincial health cards. Starting in 2017, Ontario will also introduce the option for gender to be unspecified on licenses and provincial identification cards. Internationally, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Denmark, have implemented more diverse options for gender on identification documents.

“As one of the first provinces to include gender identity and expression in our Human Rights Act, Nova Scotia has been a leader when it comes to government action to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people,” said NDP Critic for Service Nova Scotia Denise Peterson-Rafuse. “Introducing gender neutral identification documents would extend our efforts to be inclusive to people of all gender identities and expression.”

Burrill will join NDP members and supporters in marching in the Halifax Pride Parade on Saturday.


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