NDP Caucus congratulates Nova Scotia “Daughters of the Vote” participants

January 12, 2017

NDP Caucus congratulates Nova Scotia “Daughters of the Vote” participants


HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill and the NDP Caucus are congratulating young women from across Nova Scotia who are being recognized as part of “Daughters of the Vote,” a national project commemorating women’s fight for the vote in Canada.


“The NDP has a deep commitment to feminism and its goal of removing the many barriers to women’s participation in public life,” said Burrill. “I am delighted to see young women from Nova Scotia being celebrated for their work to improve the status of women in our province and across Canada.”


“Daughters of the Vote” is a project of Equal Voice, a non-partisan organization committed to increasing the number of women elected in government. The project will bring together young women from all 338 federal ridings in Ottawa on March 8, International Women’s Day.


“Increasing the number of women in the Legislature is an extremely important endeavor. At the same time, we need to ensure that the concrete conditions of women’s lives are improved by closing the gap between men and women’s wages, investing in child care, and addressing gender-based violence,” said NDP Status of Women Critic Lenore Zann. “As a woman and as an MLA, I have seen the direct impacts of sexism in our society and look forward to our continued work as feminists to address the barriers that prevent women from fully participating in their communities.”


Four of the six MLAs that make up the current Nova Scotia NDP Caucus are women.




For more information, please contact Kaley Kennedy at 902-229-6881 or kaley.kennedy@novascotia.ca