NDP: Health and safety of Legislative staff should be paramount

February 13, 2017

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – The Premier should delay the recalling of the Legislature until it is safe for Province House staff, Legislative support staff, and MLAs to travel. This morning, Stephen McNeil confirmed that despite the extreme weather conditions the opening of the Legislature will continue, as scheduled, at 8 PM in order to table legislation to force a rejected contract on teachers.

“The only reason to open Province House today is for Stephen McNeil to force an end to the cries of teachers, parents, and students for major investments in the classrooms of our province,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The security, administrative, and political staff who work at Province House, at the Legislative library, all three caucuses, and the journalists who make up the press gallery are not emergency personnel. The Premier should delay opening Province House until other provincial government offices re-open.”

As a result of today’s blizzard, all provincial government offices on the Mainland are closed, as are all public schools, universities, and community colleges, and libraries. Halifax Regional Police are also asking all residents to stay off the roads unless they “operate a snow plow, police car, fire truck,or ambulance.” Halifax Metro Transit is also not operating today.

“As someone living with MS, I know that blizzard conditions can create barriers to participation for people with disabilities or chronic illness,” said NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse. “I’ll be at the legislature today because standing up for our children’s education is worth it, but shame on Stephen McNeil for putting people’s health and safety at risk for his own agenda.”


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