NDP leader to offer greetings at National Student Day of Action

November 2, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia NDP Leader Gary Burrill expressed the NDP’s support for today’s National Student Day of Action for Universal, Just, Public Education. Students are calling for the elimination of tuition fees. This fall, the Nova Scotia NDP tabled legislation to eliminate tuition fees at the community college.

“It is impossible to expect young people to make a go of it when they are forced to take on thousands in debt to get the education necessary for a job in today’s economy,” said Burrill. “Stephen McNeil and his government have continued to force students and their families to shoulder the cost of a post-secondary education, when we should be investing In young people and their skills. The NDP is committed to making an investment in a generation by introducing free post-secondary education at community colleges across our province.”

Currently, students in Nova Scotia university graduate on average with $39,000 of student debt. Since coming to power, the McNeil government has cut $49.5 million in financial assistance to graduates, allowed tuition fees to increase at unprecedented levels, and attacked collective bargaining rights for university staff.


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