NDP MLA Mancini calls for the immediate reinstatement of funding to the Law Reform Commission of NS

April 7, 2016

(Dartmouth, NS) NDP Justice Critic, Marian Mancini, is concerned about the McNeil government’s decision to eliminate all funding to the Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia and worries it could jeopardize the important work the organization does. As of April 1, 2016 the organization no longer receives support from the provincial government.

“For twenty-five years, the Law Reform Commission has been working to modernize and improve important pieces of legislation in Nova Scotia” Mancini said. “The value of the work the Commission provides to the Province far out-weighs the modest funding they receive from government, in fact, they donate over $300,000 worth of their time every year.”

Several other provinces, such as British Columbia and Ontario, have eliminated funding to their Law Reform Commissions in the past, only to regret that decision and later renew their support for the work these Commissions do on behalf of government.

“The McNeil government needs to learn from the mistakes of other provinces and immediately reinstate funding for this vital democratic institution,” said Mancini.




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