NDP outlines legislative agenda for coming session

April 24, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill held a press conference today to outline the NDP’s plans for the coming legislative session, provincial budget, and a plan to hold the McNeil Liberals accountable.

“For three and a half years, people have been repeatedly disappointed by the McNeil Liberals when it comes to access to family doctors, cuts to seniors’ care, and inaction on emergency room closures,” said Burrill. “We need a government that focusses on what we can accomplish by investing in our people. We can make sure people have access to a family doctor. We can provide our seniors with high-quality care. We can solve the problem of ER closures in our rural communities.”

NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson also spoke at the press conference and highlighted how the NDP Caucus will use its Opposition Day on Wednesday to force the Liberals to defend their record on cutting funding for nursing homes around the province.  The NDP will also bring forward a resolution condemning the Liberals’ lack of action as the number of people without a family doctor reaches over 106,000 people.

“Health care is the top priority for many Nova Scotians.  Unfortunately, the Liberals focused on creating a super-bureaucracy at the Health Authority instead of focusing on front-line care,” said Wilson. “Health care is getting worse under the McNeil Liberals, not better.  That needs to change.”

Tomorrow, at the opening of the legislature, the NDP Caucus will introduce legislation to repeal Bill 75, which took away teachers’ rights to free and fair collective bargaining and imposed a contract on the teachers of our province.

On Thursday, the NDP Caucus will be pushing for a budget that actually invests in the people of our province.

“The NDP Caucus is pushing for a budget that reverses the cuts to seniors’ care, and starts to invest again in our hospitals, our schools and our communities,” said Burrill.  “We’ve had three years of budgets that have cut funding to seniors and community organizations, and now the Liberals are on a pre-election spending spree.  It’s gross.”

With an election call anticipated for later this week, it seems unlikely that the budget presented by the government will receive the public scrutiny that is required.  The NDP Caucus will be watching closely for any irregularities or hidden cuts in the budget when it is presented Thursday.

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