NDP plan would raise wages for over 18,000 workers and eliminate tuition for 1650 students in the Valley

June 30, 2016

For Immediate Release

Wolfville, NS – New NDP Leader Gary Burrill will be campaigning in Wolfville today as part of his summer leader’s tour. Gary will meet with the Centre for Small Farms and the Acadia University Faculty Association.  Gary will also do some mainstreeting and canvassing while in Wolfville.

Gary will be speaking about the NDP’s efforts to address income inequality by increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour over three years, bringing in a Grocery Security Act, and eliminating tuition fees at community colleges.

The plan to increase the minimum wage would help an estimated 18,492 workers in Hants, Kings and Annapolis counties, who make under $15 an hour, make ends meet[1].  This will also provide an immediate boost to small businesses in the region as people will have more money to spend in the local economy.

“Our economy comes down to one single point – people have to live,” says Burrill.  “The minimum wage went up ten cents this year. What does that buy?”

The NDP plan to eliminate tuition at the Nova Scotia Community College will help about 1000 students at the Kingstec Campus, 200 students at the Lawrencetown campus, and 450 students at the Middleton campus[2]. The plan will also assist hundreds of part-time students and people upgrading their skills at all three campuses.

“By eliminating community college tuition, we can open the doors of opportunity to a generation that has had them shut,” says Burrill. “This is an investment in a generation.”

The NDP has also introduced legislation on Grocery Security – an idea which would ensure every person can get their food at a grocery store and not a food bank.  There are 5,447[3] individuals and families who are on social assistance in the Western region (Valley and South Shore) who would be impacted by this legislation and would have better access to healthy and nutritious food.

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For more information please contact Kyle Buott at (902) 266-2068.


[1] NDP Caucus researchers’ calculations based on Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey microdata, 2015

[1] Data from NSCC

[1] According to data provide to the NDP Caucus by the Department of Community Services.