October 2, 2013


(detailed policy commitments to be announced)


Deliver better health care where and when you need it                                           $2,550,000

  • Nurse-managed clinics to treat chronic diseases
  • Work with doctors to provide same day or next day appointments for primary care
  • Help families pay for well water tests


Fight for good jobs and stronger communities                                                       $18,000,000

  • A multi-year road plan for local roads
  • Microcredit to encourage small business growth
  • Incentives for companies to hire apprentices
  • World class certifications for natural resource industries
  • Options for new farm investments
  • New home construction HST rebate & an incentive for builders to build “whole life” homes
  • Help for new graduates to buy their first home


Keep the HST off home energy and take it off more family essentials              $3,200,000

  • HST off more family essentials like children’s car seats and strollers


Give our kids a better start by focusing on what matters most                              $6,500,000

  • More support for children with special needs
  • A skills program for at-risk youth


Stand up for seniors by protecting and enhancing the services they need      $4,100,000

  • Appoint a Provincial Advisor on Seniors Issues
  • Help cover the cost of hearing aids for low income seniors


Build the Maritime Link for green, local, tax-free energy                                     


Keep the budget balanced to protect services for you and your family                 




Total cost of the NDP’s 7 key commitments:                                $34,350,000