NDP ready to protect front-line health care in legislature sitting this fall

September 23, 2014

Protecting front-line health care and vulnerable Nova Scotians will be top priorities for the NDP Caucus when the Nova Scotia Legislature resumes this Thursday, Sept. 25, says NDP leader Maureen MacDonald.

“Already the Liberals have made some troubling decisions regarding the DHA amalgamation. They have fired volunteer health boards in rural communities and are centralizing decisions on health care delivery in downtown Halifax,” said MacDonald.

“Rather than focus on front-line health care the McNeil Liberals are preoccupied with rearranging boardroom chairs which does nothing to improve patient care. For example, we are seeing continued closure of the Fisherman’s Memorial emergency room which was approved as a Collaborative Emergency Centre under the previous NDP government.”

MacDonald says the NDP Caucus is ready to scrutinize the government’s legislation to amalgamate Nova Scotia’s district health authorities to ensure front-line care is protected, local communities continue to have a voice and health care workers are respected.

In addition to protecting health services MacDonald says the NDP will stand with students to fight for affordable education and employment opportunities here at home as well as propose solutions for vulnerable Nova Scotians, including people experiencing financial hardship and veterans.

“We have been listening closely to the concerns of Nova Scotians and we are looking forward to bringing solutions to the Legislature this fall,” said MacDonald.