NDP would invest $120 million in doctors and primary care

May 1, 2017

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Halifax (NS) – While Stephen McNeil has failed to deliver the family doctors he promised, Gary Burrill and the NDP have a plan to work with doctors and communities to make sure people can get the care they need where and when they need it.

“Stephen McNeil and his centralized health bureaucracy have slammed the door on doctors and communities who want a say in their own health care,” said Burrill.

“The NDP will be a partner with doctors, communities and health care professionals to better meet the needs of communities and improve patient care. Together, we will invest $120 million into making sure the people of Nova Scotia have the health care they deserve,” said Burrill.

An NDP government will invest $30 million each year in the next four years in building new primary care clinics and hiring more doctors, nurse practitioners, and health professionals based on community needs.

“Family doctors look after people and their families in communities across this province. They network with a variety of healthcare providers including doctors,” said Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan a family physician in Halifax.  “People have been without a family doctor for up to three years and the province needs 50 family physicians to be recruited per year for the next ten years to meet the demand.”

“The NDP’s plan to urgently address this serious problem by directly working with family doctors and determining what people and doctors need in communities is a welcome first step,” said Dr. Jayabarathan.

“The NDP has a proven record of working with health care providers to improve patient care,” said Burrill. “We can ensure people have the health care they need if we’re willing to invest in doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, and clinics.”

Working with Dr. John Ross, the NDP created Collaborative Emergency Centers (CEC), a model of care that is keeping ERs open in communities around the province. The CEC model is also being duplicated in other regions.

The number of people without a family doctor has gone up under the Liberals. Today more than 106,000 people do not have a family doctor and are forced to wait in ERs or walk-in clinics to get care.

“I’m a type 1 diabetic who lost my life-long family doctor very suddenly and without any warning. It was a truly scary experience, one that induced a lot of anxiety,” said Michael Felhmann-MacGrath from Halifax. “Being someone with a chronic illness without a doctor, I felt alone and terrified.”

“The NDP is the party of health care. I believe that by working together we can give the people of Nova Scotia access to the care they need where and when they need it,” said Burrill.

Election day is May 30.


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