NDP Vote NO on McNeil budget

April 24, 2015

The NDP voted no to the McNeil government’s budget that places important health care services and good jobs at risk.

“This may be the most poorly conceived and reckless budget I’ve seen in my 17 years as an MLA,” says NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald. “To make matters worse, Stephen McNeil pushed it through the House at record speed to avoid having his poor choices properly scrutinized. This is a government that is not using its majority in a responsible manner.”

MacDonald identifies a number of reasons why the NDP Caucus did not support the budget including:

– The slashing and subsequent capping of the film tax credit without any plan to grow the industry and create new jobs

– A freeze to the health care budget and cuts to front-line patient care

– Cuts to grants for organizations that provide valuable health care and support services to vulnerable Nova Scotians and their families

– Opening the door to rapid tuition increases by lifting the tuition cap

– No additional long-term care beds and a $3.6 million cut to the long-term care facility budget

– The elimination of jobs across the province, including the closure of visitor information centres and cuts to provincial park staff

– Nothing to prevent more young people from leaving Nova Scotia following last year’s elimination of the Graduate Retention Rebate

MacDonald adds, “This is a budget that puts health care at risk, that makes life less affordable for students, that places jobs at risk and contains no plan to grow our economy. For all these reasons and many more we simply cannot support it.”