Now We Have It!

November 30, 2016


One of the highlights of last Saturday’s NDP Provincial Council meeting was the launching of Always a Work in Progress: Policies of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party (1962-2016).

Years in the making, Always a Work in Progress is the first one-stop, comprehensive handbook/compendium of the policies and the policy development of the Nova Scotia NDP. Extremely user-friendly, the book is organized both thematically and chronologically, so that readers can easily locate both what the Party thinks and has thought about the range of issues facing Nova Scotia, and also how that thinking has evolved and developed over time.

Always a Work in Progress provides rich context for our current efforts. We learn here, for example, that our 2016 Grocery Security bill, which would make it possible for families receiving income assistance to afford to get their food from grocery stores rather than from food banks, is consistent with our efforts advocating for higher income assistance rates dating back to 1968. We learn that the two cornerstones of our 2016 Environmental Bill of Rights, the right to a healthy environment and the right to public consultation, are prefigured in our Party’s 1988 Policy Statement for Environmental Planning in Nova Scotia. We learn that our Party has been on record for free post-secondary tuition for almost 50 years.

The book also shines a light on the vital democratic process by which an idea becomes a policy in the NDP, and places a clear emphasis on the singular role of our Electoral District Associations in shaping our Party’s collective mind.

Always a Work in Progress is the fruit of the labour of our Policy Review Committee (PRC), and in particular of the book’s editor and principal author, former Party President and long-time New Democrat, Burris Devanney. Other members of the PRC to whom we are indebted for this volume include Kathy Moggridge, Rollie Thompson, Peter Glenister, Chris Maxwell, Ian Johnson and Andy Harvey.

In the course of our election preparations, candidates and prospective candidates almost invariably will ask, “Is there one central place I can go where I can get the whole policy picture for the Party?”

Now we have it!

In solidarity and gratitude,


Copies of Always a Work in Progress: Policies of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party (1962-2016) are available for $20 from our provincial Party Office. Contact Provincial Secretary Mike Poworoznyk at ProvSec@nsNDP.ca, orĀ 1-800-253-7696.