MacDonald congratulates Nova Scotia’s Olympic Athletes

February 24, 2014

(Halifax, NS) NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is congratulating Nova Scotia’s Olympic Athletes today for their outstanding performance at the Sochi Olympics.

“I, like all Nova Scotians, jumped out of my seat when Sidney Crosby stormed down the ice on a breakaway and tucked a backhand behind the Swedish goalie yesterday,” said MacDonald. “From Sidney Crosby to Alexandra Duckworth our athletes have given us a lot to be proud of.”

She added, “There is a renewed sense of Canadian pride following the Olympics, it’s good to know Nova Scotians are a big part of that.”

MacDonald says Nova Scotia’s athletes are setting a wonderful example for young people across the province.

“What youth can take from the performances of Ms. Duckworth and Mr. Crosby, is that if you set a goal for yourself and work hard you can achieve great things,” said MacDonald. “This isn’t just limited to athletics, it also applies to owning a business, becoming an artist, or pursuing a trade. You just can’t have enough good role models, and fortunately our province has plenty of them.”