NSLC should be charged with distribution of marijuana

April 13, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – The NDP is recommending that the province commit to distributing marijuana through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation. The federal government will introduce legislation to legalize marijuana today.

“The federal government is legalizing marijuana and many people have reasonable concerns about its distribution,” said Denise Peterson-Rafuse, NDP Critic for Business. “Committing to distributing marijuana through the NSLC is a logical first step to ensuring a framework is in place that protects public health and safety.”

The federal government has indicated that the provinces will be responsible for the regulation of the sale and distribution of marijuana under the new legalization framework. Legalization will take effect as of July 1, 2018, which is a short timeline to have the needed regulatory framework in place.

A recent survey of NSLC employees found that 70 per cent support the regulated sale of marijuana through NSLC stores and 92 per cent support the sale through publicly controlled, stand-alone stores. Distributing through the NSLC could include stand-alone stores to address concerns about selling marijuana alongside liquor.

“There are many components to this issue that require consultation with the public and input from health professionals, but when all is said and done, the people of Nova Scotia must be assured that a public agency will distribute marijuana,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

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