Only an NDP government can resolve education crisis 

February 10, 2017

For immediate release

HALIFAX – Yesterday, teachers overwhelmingly rejected the most recent proposed contract from the Liberal government. The contract did not address the serious classroom issues teachers and parents have been speaking out about for over a year.

“Stephen McNeil keeps telling us what we can’t do to improve our classrooms,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “This Liberal government made it clear that they will pay any price for a balanced budget, including sacrificing the education of a generation or burning out the most qualified group of teachers in the history of the province.”

Resolving this crisis requires a serious investment to address class sizes and support for students in the classroom.

In December, the Liberal government went as far as locking out students to avoid making immediate improvements to the classroom. The government has also refused to release documents related to the school closure, despite three Freedom of Information requests by the NDP Caucus.

“Karen Casey and Stephen McNeil have lost the confidence of Nova Scotia’s teachers and refuse to be accountable for their actions,” said NDP Education Critic Lenore Zann. “To get a fair contract that puts the needs of students first, the government must repeal Bill 148, release all the details surrounding the student lock-out, and return to the bargaining table without pre-conditions.”

The NDP is prepared to make the investments needed to address class sizes, improve supports for students in the classroom, and ensure teachers have the time they need to teach.

“We can invest in our children’s future,” said Burrill. “An NDP government would make the necessary investments to make sure students and teachers have every chance for success.”

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