Paramedic Union supports Nova Scotia NDP bill to improve PTSD coverage

October 7, 2014


The NS Paramedic Union IUOE Local 727 supports the Nova Scotia NDP bill to improve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) coverage for emergency responders.

“We are very pleased to put our support behind the NS NDP bill on PTSD. Paramedics are at a higher risk of developing PTSD due to their occupation. Paramedics are usually the first on scene to a traumatic event, and as they work in their own communities, will possibly know the patients they are treating. This adds to their risk of developing PTSD,” said Dwayne Fitzgerald, IUOE Local 727 Business Agent.

Symptoms of PTSD often appear months or years after the traumatic event, which can cause difficulty for paramedics to get coverage through WCB. The NDP bill ensures paramedics and other emergency responders get the treatment they require for PTSD when they need it.

“Paramedics need to be able to receive proper medical treatment when suffering from PTSD. They shouldn’t have to go through a lengthy WCB process which can lead to a loss of wages. As it is stands today, many emergency responders chose suffer in silence with PTSD because the process to get coverage is long and stressful. The NDP bill will fix this,” said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald adds that he hopes the Liberal government will give the NDP bill fair consideration and allow it to proceed to second reading as soon as possible.

Read Dave Wilson’s release: https://classic.nsndp.ca/health/ptsd