Patients deserve answers on communities denied doctors

March 14, 2017

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson wrote the Health Minister Leo Glavine last week requesting a list of the communities and facilities where the Liberal government has denied billing codes or privileges to family doctors.

“Across the province, there are families who cannot access the health care they need. People deserve to know why the government is denying communities access to doctors and when they can expect to have access to the health care they need,” said NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson.

Last week, Glen and Dianne Ward from Hammonds Plains came forward with their story about how their plans to bring a doctor to that community were stopped by the government. The NDP Caucus has also heard from a Dartmouth resident about a visit to the Parkland Lakes nursing home, where he was told the facility had a built-in clinic, but the government was refusing to allow a new doctor to staff that clinic.

“Communities are stepping up to the plate to try to address the doctor shortage, and the McNeil Liberals insist on shutting them down at every opportunity. The Premier promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian, but instead he’s delivered an excuse for every Nova Scotian,” said Burrill.


For more information, contact Kaley Kennedy at 902-229-6881 or kaley.kennedy@novascotia.ca.