Belliveau: Paving is down and pot holes are up under McNeil government

January 20, 2016

The McNeil government is paying more and paving less when it comes to “double chip seal” says NDP Transportation and Infrastructure critic Sterling Belliveau.

According to the capital budget released yesterday, the McNeil government is planning to chip seal only 34 km in 2016-2017, down from 60 km the previous year. According to government documents obtained by CBC last week, since the provincial chip seal crew was eliminated by the Liberals in 2013, the tendered price of double chip seal has increased by 20%.

“In 2012 and 2013 the province was able to pave many long-neglected rural roads because of the provincial chip seal crew, which added competition and lowered prices,” says Belliveau. “But since the Liberals cancelled the program in the fall of 2013 the price of double chip seal has increased, and the amount of work the government can afford has decreased. Given that the price of petroleum has dropped over the same period, you would expect the opposite to be true.”

Belliveau adds, “Paving is down in Nova Scotia and pot holes are up under the McNeil government.”