Stephen McNeil: “What we don’t need to be doing is paving roads”

August 30, 2013

NDP MLA Gary Ramey says the Liberals wouldn’t follow through on the NDP’s five year paving plan.

Ramey made the comments after hearing Liberal leader Stephen McNeil respond to a question about how the Liberals would control spending at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce leadership debate on August 28. McNeil’s response:

“What we don’t need to be doing is paving roads.”

Ramey says the province is still catching up after the last Liberal government stopped paving rural roads in the 1990s.

“The NDP has introduced Nova Scotia’s four largest paving budgets and put in place a 5-year paving plan. As a result, roads in my community and others like it are finally getting repaired after decades of neglect. Judging from McNeil’s comments that would all be at risk if the Liberals have their way.”

The Liberals voted against Nova Scotia’s four largest paving budgets.

“If you live in a rural community and your road is listed on the five year paving plan, don’t expect the Liberals to fix those pot holes any time soon.”