Pre-election health care funding too little, too late

April 5, 2017

For Immediate Release

NEW WATERFORD – Tammy Martin, NDP candidate for Cape Breton Centre welcomes the announcement about a New Waterford community health centre, but is upset that it’s only because an election is around the corner.

“The only time the Premier comes to New Waterford is when he is trying to use our own money to buy our votes,” said Martin. “Stephen McNeil and David Wilton have done nothing about the health care problems in our community for years – but hey, there is an election coming, time to make some promises that they will probably never keep.”

“This is why people are so cynical about politics. Politicians pander to us at election time and ignore us the rest of the time,” said Martin. “Cape Bretoners know better.  A promise on a piece of paper is worthless compared to the actual cuts the Liberals have made to nursing homes, to jobs, to economic development.  Cape Bretoners won’t be fooled.”

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