Premier, Prime Minister Meeting on Criminal Code Changes

April 23, 2013

Premier Darrell Dexter is heading to Ottawa Tuesday, April 23, to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They have put changes to the Criminal Code of Canada at the top of their agenda.

“The hearts of Nova Scotians and all Canadians are broken overwhat happened to the Parsons family,” Premier Dexter said. “They also remain angry and expect laws to be in place that hold people who bully and victimize others accountable.

“The Prime Minister’s heartfelt reaction to the Parsons tragedy shows how important this issue is to him. Mr. Harper and I are parents, as well as leaders, and we will bring both these perspectives to our discussions.”

Justice Minister Ross Landry is meeting on Wednesday, April 24, with federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. Mr. Landry wants to make the circulation of intimate images without consent a crime.

Last week, Mr. Landry reached out to his provincial counterparts to build support across the country. He received consistent support from them for this Criminal Code change.

Debra Pepler and Penny Milton, two national experts, will also start their review of the Halifax Regional School Board, IWK Health Centre, Capital Health and associated agencies. It will focus on the events leading up to Rehteah Parson’s death and result in specific recommendations that respond to the issues she and her family faced.

The review of how police and Public Prosecution Service handled the case will begin immediately following the criminal process.

Status of Women Minister Marilyn More will continue seeking advice from community and women’s groups, individuals, and young people, including Leaders of Today and the Youth Advisory

Nova Scotians continue to reach out to the Parsons family to express their sympathy and support. People from as far away as Australia and Indonesia joined hundreds of Nova Scotians in signing online condolences which will be shared with the family

“I want to thank everyone for the love and prayers you have shared with the Parsons family,” said Premier Dexter. “I also understand you want answers and real change that will honour Rehtaeh’s memory and better protect girls, women and all Nova

“I will do everything in my power to act on this shared priority,” the premier said.