McNeil government needs to come clean about fee increases

September 22, 2015

The NDP Caucus is calling on the McNeil government to come clean about any fee increases associated with the privatization of the registries of land, joints stocks and motor vehicles.

In the tender released today for the privatization of the registries, page 29 states “Respondents may propose a fee increase model.” NDP Service Nova Scotia critic Sterling Belliveau says the public needs to know what level of fee increase they can expect as a result of privatization.

“The McNeil government already broke its election promise to not raise user fees,” says Belliveau. “It’s bad enough the privatization of registries will cost the province hundreds of millions of dollars in future revenue along with jobs, but now we learn the McNeil government plan could end up costing Nova Scotians more for basic things like renewing a driver’s license. If the government is sincere in its pledge to be open and accountable throughout this process than it needs to tell Nova Scotians what type of fee increases they can expect.”

Belliveau adds, “ To make matters worse these fee increases will not be used to fund things like roads and hospitals, they will be leaving the province to pad the profit margins of corporations.”